Wonkabulary, anyone?

Calling for submissions to what will probably be an ever-growing list of odd ball phrases, terms and, well, turns of phrases that you’ll see in both Wonkette.com articles and the discussions below them.

Twilight Sparkle sleeping on open books after a hard day of studying.  From: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic

People new to the hallowed halls of non-commenting (to be explained at some future date) will come across these frequent and infrequent bits of prose and lingo, and not know what we’re referencing, and so it only seems fair to collect these bits and their history for anyone who’s seriously looking for the explanations.

Therefore: add your ideas, and anything you know about where it came from, and I’ll start building the reference guide. Not sure if it will be here at WonkMeet, or if I’ll link from here to where ever it lives, but it all starts with gathering the data.

Consider the comments open and add your suggestions below!
And if you don’t have a wordpress account (which I believe you need in order to comment below), just email me: sisterartemis@wonker.org

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