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Want to start a WonkMeet?

Just pick a date, a time, a place, and start talking about it!

Some hints: When you pick a place, think about whether kids or dogs will be there, and whether you want to have it an alcohol-friendly event. Some WonkMeets have been in parks, complete with alcohol permits, children-and-pet friendly environments, and are usually potluck affairs. Other WonkMeets are set up in bars or restaurants, which may or may not be pet and/or kid friendly. And think about accessibility: can people using chairs, walkers, and canes get there easily?

Another thing to think about: how easy is it to find? Some people may be arriving from distant locations, and not know their way around. Easy to find locations are great, and in lieu of that, make sure directions are easy to navigate.

And then? chat your WonkMeet up a few times, or more, in the comment section (where comments are not allowed!), especially in the days leading up to the gathering. And don’t forget to let us know about it so we can post the details here on the WonkMeet site – just send an email (see below). In your email, include

  • Date and time
  • Name and address of the place, and directions if helpful
  • Who’s hosting the gathering
  • Any details like: whether kids or pets welcome or not welcome, whether it’s a potluck affair, or people will need to buy food and drink, etc.
  • An email contact if you are comfortable (we can get you an email address through wonker dot org if you desire, which will protect your identity online – email us for more information)
  • If you have a picture of the place, be sure to send that along too!

How about some linkies?

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