Seize the Means of WonkMeet Production!

A WonkMeet is a gathering of people who frequent the comment section at, to share food, conversation, and a taste of our locales. At the typical WonkMeet, you will meet up with devoted commenters, and probably a few “lurkers” (folks who read the articles and comment sections, but who don’t join in the online conversation), and SOMETIMES the folks who run and write for Wonkette.

Most WonkMeets – formerly known as “Drinky Things” – are organized by ordinary readers of Wonkette, and others have been started by Rebecca, Shypixel, and other writers at Wonkette. Some are outdoor events at local parks, potluck style, and some are at restaurants and bars. Some are kid, dog and alcohol friendly; others are not. Check the listing for each WonkMeet for the details.

WonkMeets are a great way to put a face to the people who you’ve “met” online, but don’t really know… yet. We’re a nice, quirky, friendly crowd – come meet us at the next WonkMeet in your area. Want to organize your own? It’s not hard – pick a location, a date, make a few other decisions, and send the details to, and we’ll post your listing here.