Sept. 2-5, 2022 – Wonk Labor Day Weekend Camping Extravaganza and Commitment Celebration

Date: All Labor Day Weekend Friday, September 2 – Monday, September 5, 2022

Where: At The Cabin in Windsor, Northern Berkshire County, Massachusetts

There are camping sites around the cabin (bring your own camp gear and booze) or book a stay at an AirBnB or VRBO. There’s also plenty of traditional B&B’s and lodging in the area.

This year’s weekend will also hold a very special day. On Sunday, September 4th we’ll be having a non-religious Commitment Celebration! We’d love to have all our Wonks with us on this wonderful day. There’ll be a Voluntarily Committed party afterwards! Come and celebrate with us.

Please come on up the mountain and relax, enjoy and PARTY with us! We’d love to have you. for info.

Holly & Paul

Some tips from Holly

Take pictures and post them on Wonkette through the weekend.

Bring a camp chair. We have tables for the weekend, but no chairs. I’d like everyone to have a place to sit around the campfire and especially during the ceremony.

The ceremony will start at 3:00PM on Sunday. There is no dress code. Camping is the operative word. EXCEPT PANTS! PANTS ARE A REQUIREMENT! 

There won’t be a live stream, but the video will be uploaded, and we’ll let the Wonks know when that happens.

2019 Labor Day Weekend WonkMeet at Holly and Paul’s Cabin