Los Angeles, CA, USA – 15 August 2021

Pan Pacific Park. 7600 Beverly Blvd

Hosts: Rebecca and Cally

As Yer Wonkette posted at the time:

… on Sunday, August 15, in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, your hosts will be Rebecca and Wonkette Deep State Operative CAlly for a meetup at Pan Pacific Park, 7600 Beverly Blvd from 3 to 6 p.m, which is earlier than the other two, can you knuckleheads who are jetting to all three remember that? (Haha, like any of our knuckleheads have jets!)

If you need advice on where to stay or other local info, please contact one of the hosts. Dok knows about as much about Los Angeles as he does New York, so we’ll just assume the festivities will include a hot rod race in the dry LA River, after which Jack Nicholson will nearly drown there, too.

You know who won’t be at any of these? Kid Zoom, who will be working, and Thornton, who can’t be trusted on road trips. Leave him alone five minutes and he’ll find the nearest rubber mousie truck, the fiend. But they send their love!